Traumatic Brain Injury Blog



“In April 2013 my wife and I were running errands on our motorcycles, like we have been doing for years.   We were excited about a vacation we had booked and, after several years of working in Vermont, a move back to our home country, reuniting with our extended family. Our lives changed in a moment when my wife was hit by a motorist who failed to yield, causing serious injuries and requiring several weeks of hospitalization, several surgeries and a long road to recovery. My wife, who had been very active, was in great pain for weeks.

My wife was very brave, but we faced not only a great disruption to our family life, but also significant financial hardships. They included substantial lost earnings for both my wife and me and big expenses not covered by insurance, including adaptive household apparatus and costly travel back and forth to the hospital.

We contacted Bob Luce based on a recommendation from a friend. Bob and his nurse consultant Marie Whitbeck met us at the hospital and impressed us immediately with their genuine and caring approach to my wife’s welfare. Supporting her maximum recovery was clearly their priority. Within two months of the accident Bob had recovered the limit of the other guy’s insurance and we had a large deposit in our account to cover the expenses we faced. Within eight months of the accident Bob and his team pulled off a fantastic second settlement with our insurer, providing us with the financial comfort we need to assist with the accident-related troubles we will encounter for the rest of our lives as a family.

There were many hurdles to overcome to get this great result, which Bob and his team managed flawlessly.  We are sincerely grateful to Bob and the DRM team for making our long road a little smoother. I can’t say enough about their responsiveness, explanations we could understand, and guidance at every step of the process.”

– T. M.,

Bob and Marie, your help was invaluable to help us identify and determine the severity of the brain injury Olivia suffered and to guide us through the legal process. When Olivia was injured, we were not even aware that a brain injury could cause the problems Olivia experienced and did not fathom the implications and restrictions we were to face in everyday life and how much medical and legal help we needed. To this day, we impressed with the very high level of competence, knowledge and sensitivity of the entire legal team at DRM, especially Marie and Bob. You have a very special place in our hearts. We would be happy to speak with anyone who is considering using you as their law firm to assure them that they are making the right choice.

– Paul and Olivia Gorun

I called my legal team from DRM the “dream team”! My life changed in a second after I sustained a traumatic brain injury when a car crossed over the center of the road and hit my car while driving on a bridge. I would not be where I am today if it was not for Bob Luce and Marie Whitbeck and their expertise with TBI and TBI litigation. Their knowledge and understanding of TBI is exemplary. They went above and beyond to assure all of my medical needs at the time and my future needs were met. They were in constant communication with my team of doctors and myself. Most importantly, they constantly kept up on the latest research on TBI to best serve my needs. They handled the litigation with the highest degree of expertise. They are truly the most professional and trustworthy people you can have on your side under such circumstances.”

– Leigh Clark, Survivor and Brain Injury Association of Vermont Board Member

Robert Luce, Esq. and Marie B. Whitbeck, Legal Nurse Consultant, provided excellent legal expertise, networking, compassion and tireless advocacy at a time when our son had a severe personal injury resulting in TBI. Very creative and always prepared in their approach to find ways to make sure that the injured person is provided for. Compensation where none was thought to occur – did. They are efficient, fast and excellent to work with.

“Marie further adds wealth to their work by combining a cycle of networking with doctors, clinicians and introducing appropriate seminars to their clients which then provide aid in soothing the emotional trauma regarding a permanent injury to both the injured client and his family.

“Working with Bob and Marie will bring you a satisfying end result. Their selfless contributions to personal injury victims are impeccable.

“Our family personally cherishes their services and absolutely recommends them for any personal injury needs.

– Jaclyn Root