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About Our Blog

About-callout-box-125sqI started this blog because I wanted to help people better understand the impact of brain injury and the remarkable work being done every day to improve our ability to diagnose brain injury, to treat brain injury, to prevent brain injury and to obtain compensation for brain injury caused by negligence.

Brain injury has impacted me both professionally and personally. I have seen the impact of brain injury in my own family and have had a chance to work with countless other families impacted by brain injury, both as a trial lawyer and as a founding member of the board of the Brain Injury Association of Vermont.

My team and I have experienced the greatest fulfillment by being able to assist families putting their lives back together following brain injury. We have found that what many brain injury victims and their families most want is information. They want to understand what happens to the brain and body following a brain injury, what to expect over time, and how to be most successful with treatment and rehabilitation. They also want to understand the rapidly evolving science and research, including research on best practices for treatment and rehabilitation.

The goal of this blog is to contribute to this understanding by providing links to reliable information and by monitoring peer reviewed medical literature as well as public policy developments and translating this information into understandable summaries.

I am always open to suggestions on how to make this resource more effective.

– Bob Luce